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Kikusui Funaguchi Nama Genshu NV 200ml

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Special cask-strength genshu (undiluted) and nama (unpasteurized) sake that is suprisingly delicate in taste. Like wine, the most damaging elements to the quality of sake are light, heat, and air. So in order to deliver the unique taste of freshly brewed sake, Kikusui had to revise its brewing techniques to protect this delicate sake. They used the aluminum can to completely block out the light. Then they filled the normally 180ml cans right to the top, to 200ml, to almost eliminate the air space, reducing air contact with the sake. This way, the freshness and delicate flavors of this sake are protected, allowing its purity to be enjoyed. Previously, this sake was only available to those lucky enough to visit Kikusui's brewery in Niigata, Japan. Today, you can enjoy the same flavors fresh out of the brewery! A terrific value for this delicious tasting sake. Best served chilled, enjoy it specially with spicy dishes.