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BLOG - Vineyard Gate Selections


Disgorging Jolly Ferriol Pet’Nat

I visited Jolly-Ferriol deep in Roussillon last October and got to try hand-disgorging their pet’nat with Jean-Luc Chossart. It’s many times more difficult than I thought! I can’t imagine that they do this for every single bottle. I think Isabelle is the designated disgorger. Haha! Not many producers of pet’nat disgorge. Jolly-Ferriol disgorges because they

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Absentee Winery, Point Reyes Station, CA

Avi Deixler is a serious winemaker, which may not be readily apparent. He launched Absentee Winery in Point Reyes Station this year with an initial production of just 400 cases consisting of three wines from the 2016 vintage. I recently drove to Point Reyes Station to meet him. His small winery is a former milking

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Grape Skins In the Vineyard

At Domaine des Grottes in Saint-Étienne-des-Oullières, a village within the Beaujolais-Villages appellation, Romain des Grottes recycles grape skins as compost in the vineyard. Everything counts at des Grottes to make good wines in harmony with Nature. This I learned while walking with Romain as he explained how he goes about things. It’s not a manicured vineyard. Vines are

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